How To Clear Cache In Mac & Windows Laptop?

how to clear catch in mac and windows laptop

An operating system works on a complex set of instructions and run apps. From using a Microsoft Windows laptop to Apple’s macOS, the operating system is carrying a lot of burdens. When you open software, plenty of files open at the same time and they store as cache memory.  You can consider cache memory as … Read more

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop?

Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop

Since the onset of covid-19, a lot of organizations have taken up a virtual route. They quickly adapted to the virtual office place, and the people are now having meetings in virtual rooms. This journey from the meetings rooms to Skype, Zoom and other tools has been quite overwhelming. Now, most of us used the … Read more

How to Take Screenshots in Laptop – Mac & Windows

How to Take Screenshots in Laptop

During the workday, you will surely need to take many screenshots. These screenshots may be required for your work, or they may be required for your assignments. Everyone should know how to take screenshots because they can prove to be very handy. You can save the screenshots in PNG or JPG format. You can also … Read more