Refurbished Laptop in 2021 – What is it & Should You Buy It or Not?

Any purchase that we make is usually dependent on the price of the commodity. The same is the case with the laptop. When you are buying a laptop, we are sure that you are concerned about the laptop’s price. The higher the specification, the higher the price would be. To get a higher specification at an affordable price, many of us have explored the territories of used and refurbished laptops. Talking about the refurbished laptops, they may offer excellent value for money to the users. However, there are pros and cons associated with it. 

If you are also looking for a new laptop, it may be worth checking refurbished laptops. You can get a good laptop with a warranty if you choose something carefully. You will surely end up saving a lot of money too. To help you with all the information about the refurbished laptop market, we have shared some of the details below. Check them out now. 

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

Refurbished Laptop

Let us first understand what a refurbished laptop is. This will help you in making the very first decision about the purchase. By understanding what is constitutes a refurbished laptop, you will know if you want to invest your money there or not. To begin with, the term refurbished laptop itself might mean a few things. It may mean that a customer purchased the laptop and returned it with minimal usage, and the company repackaged the returned piece that is to be sold as a refurbished option.

In some cases, the laptop may fail the quality control test on the assembly line. In such a case, the manufacturer would not sell it as a new laptop. Instead, the manufacturer would repair the laptop to meet the quality control standards and then sell it in the market as a refurbished laptop. In some cases, models having minor scratches may also be sold as refurbished laptops, and you can get such laptops at an affordable price.

Another scenario could be the case when the laptop is sent to the company for warranty replacement. In case of a replacement, the manufacturer would give the brand new laptop to the new consumer. What happens to the laptop with an issue? Well, that is repaired and resold as a refurbished laptop. Also, you may find some opened box models. These laptops may come from a cancelled order or something similar.

When you are looking for a refurbished laptop, you can find the brand new models in the market, and you will also find the laptops that have been in the archive model list of the brand.

Why Should I buy Refurbished Laptop?

In this section, we have listed some of the pros associated with purchasing a refurbished laptop. Check them out below.

  • Saves Money – You will save a lot of money when you are buying a refurbished laptop. Many companies and online retailers sell the refurbished laptops, and you get a good deal on those. It is possible to get an ultra-performing laptop in a mid-price range because it has a refurbished tag. If you can find an opened box laptop, you will save a lot of money on the latest model.
  • Eco-Friendly – We all are concerned about the environment, and we are sure that you know that many rare earth minerals are mined for manufacturing laptops. When you are buying a refurbished laptop, you are helping in cutting down the emissions and reducing e-waste. For the same reason, refurbished laptops are considered to be an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Warranties – Most of the companies offer warranties and support on the refurbished laptops. You can find a warranty policy of a minimum of 90 days on these refurbished models. Some brands even offer six months to 12 months warranty policy with an option to opt for an extended warranty. Buying a refurbished laptop certainly reduces your risk.
  • Laptop Condition – The difference between the refurbished and used laptop can very well be seen in the laptop’s condition. While refurbishing, the company usually ensures that the laptop is in top condition before it reaches you. So, there is certainly a significant difference in the physical condition of refurbished laptops.

What Should I Look For While Buying a Refurbished Laptop?

Below are the points that you need to check when you are buying a refurbished laptop.

  • Cost Comparison – You should compare the cost of the refurbished laptop with the new laptop. This will help you in understanding how much benefit are you getting. If you are not getting a significant amount of benefit, it might make sense to opt for a newer laptop. This also helps you in getting satisfaction associated with saving money.
  • Battery Health – You should also check the health of the battery. Most of the manufacturers would replace the battery of the refurbished laptop, but if possible, run a diagnostics and check the laptop’s battery health. You can also check if you are getting any warranty on the battery of the refurbished laptop.
  • Body & Panels – Inspect the panels and the body of the refurbished laptop. See if there is a sign of damage or if there are deep scratches. If you are getting a good deal for the laptop with some minor scratches, then we are sure that you can go ahead with that option. You can cover the laptop with a funky looking laptop screen, and no one will notice the scratches.
  • Configuration – One of the most critical parts of the laptop purchase is the configuration. Ensure that you go through the detailed configuration. Do not compromise here since that can impact your work. Ensure that you are only buying a refurbished laptop with the minimum required configuration or if the laptop exceeds the configuration needed by you.
  • Screen, Input Controls & Functionality – You should do an overall health check of the laptop. Check the screen, input devices, output devices, and you can even run diagnostics on the laptop. We understand that you might not get to run the diagnostics until you purchase the laptop in some cases, but if your laptop has a return policy, then you should be good to proceed.
  • Accessories – Sometimes, the manufacturer would not provide any accessory with the refurbished laptop. You can check if you are getting the accessories or not. Moreover, you can also factor in the cost of accessories, and you can check the kind of warranty you are getting on the accessories.
  • Operating System – Remember to check the operating system on the refurbished laptop. It is better to opt for laptops that are having pre-loaded windows. If the laptop doesn’t have windows installed, you will have to spend additional money for the license until you plan to use Linux.
  • Source of Laptop – The last and vital thing to check while procuring a refurbished laptop is the source of the laptop. Is it a warranty replacement piece that has been refurbished, or is it coming from an organization that is not using the machine anymore? Ensure that the machine has not been procured illegally. To save yourself from trouble, you should buy a refurbished laptop only from the trusted sources. 

Why Should I Avoid Buying Refurbished Laptop?

There are certainly some of the downsides of buying a refurbished laptop. Below are the cons associated with the purchase.

  • Battery Life – If the manufacturer is not changing the battery of the laptop, then you might end up getting a poor battery life. The solution would be to replace the battery yourself.
  • Suppliers & Transparency – You may end up on websites that are not very transparent about the sales process. To deal with this, you should only buy a refurbished laptop from trusted websites or suppliers.
  • Desired Configuration – You may find it challenging to get the desired configurations. You might have to search a lot, or you might have to settle for something lower while buying the refurbished laptop.

Some General Myths about Refurbished Laptop

Some general myths that we would like to decode to help you with higher peace of mind.

  • Refurbished Laptops may not perform well – This is not true, and the refurbished laptop can perform at par with the new laptops. It all depends on the configuration of the laptop.
  • The life of the refurbished laptop is short – The life of the refurbished laptop is comparable to the new models. The brand often replaces the part with the issue and offer you a warranty on the laptop. You can also buy the extended warranty packs.
  • You will face a lot of issues with refurbished laptops – This is again not true. You would usually not face issues with a refurbished laptop if you are careful with the purchase. You need to perform due diligence before the purchase.
  • You won’t find performance laptops in refurbished options – You can find gaming laptops and high-performance notebooks in the refurbished laptops. You need to find the right option and be assured that there are plenty available in the market. 

Final Verdict

This was all about the refurbished laptop, and we are sure that you can now decide on purchasing the refurbished laptop. They can prove to be a good option that offers excellent value for money to you. If you are careful with the purchase, we are sure that you will save money and get a device that meets your requirements.

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