5 Types of Laptop Bag You should Know

When you have the best laptop, you should also make sure that you have the best laptop bag for carrying it. Earlier, laptops were a bit heavy compared to what we have today. Now the laptops are so light in weight that you can easily carry them. But if you are not having the right laptop bags, then it can be quite challenging for you to carry them from one place to another.

Choosing the wrong bag can result in damage to the bag or breakage of your laptop. So, you need to understand that laptop bags play a very important role. There are so many different types of laptop bags available in the present market. You need to know about each of them to decide which right choice is for you. Depending on what all you are going to carry in the laptop bag, and how you are going to use it, you will have to make your choice.

From trendy laptop messenger bags to casual and stylish laptop bags, you will be able to find the best types of laptop bags in the present market. Each type has a different look and design, and hence you can pick one that meets your requirements.

Different Types of Laptop Bags 

Types of Laptop Bag

Laptop bags can be classified into five different types:

#1 Laptop Backpack

One of the most common and highly used types of laptop bag is the laptop backpack bag. Backpacks are a common kind of bag that is used by many people who go to the office, college, or other places. You will be able to place a lot more than just a laptop in your laptop backpack. The corporate employees and students use this kind of bag in common. Not just laptops, but other gadgets can also be carried in your backpack like tablets, phones, and other items. It can also place a water bottle in the side pocket provided for it. The backpacks have extra cushioning inside, which offers great support and protection to the laptops inside the bag. The weight will also be divided on both your shoulders and that makes it easy for you to carry the laptop weight. You also have more than one compartment, making it easy for you to carry a few other things along with the laptop.

#2 Laptop Sling Bags

A perfect laptop bag for freelancing people or women. If you are some who work from co-working spaces or a cafe, then a sling bag is a great choice. These bags come with good padding so that they offer better protection to the laptop that you are carrying in the bag. They are easy to carry and use. You will be able to keep your hands free all the time and also keep an eye on the laptop even when you are traveling in local trains or buses. The length of the sling can be adjusted so that your laptop is either to the side or your front.

#3 Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves are also a good way to protect your laptop and are one of the latest types of laptop bags. They are more like portfolio bags. They are the best choice if you leave your laptop at home. That means they are the best option when you want to protect the laptop when not in use. You can place your laptop along with the sleeve in your laptop bag for better protection. But one thing that you need to keep in mind when picking a laptop sleeve is they are should be a perfect fit. When you are choosing a bigger size than you should, then the laptop sleeve will get damaged and in turn, will damage the laptop as well. So, it is always good to take your laptop along with you when you go out for purchasing a laptop sleeve. You can also measure the dimensions properly and then shop for it if you are buying one from the internet. They are quite affordable and light in weight as well. The best part about these laptop sleeves is that they are available in many different colors and prints. You can pick one that you like the most.

#4 Laptop Messenger bags

If you are looking for a stylish bag and also good protection for your laptop, then you should go with a laptop messenger bag. This type of bag is the most favorite for corporate workers. They come in a rectangular shape and two handlebars. You can easily carry the laptop with the help of the handlebars. There will be more than one compartment making it easy for you to carry other office-related items along with the laptop. You can even use it for traveling just like your backpack bags. It has an elegant and classy look. You will be able to choose from a huge number of designs when it comes to messenger bags. They also come in a leather finish, making it formal for your office use.

#5 Tote Laptop bags:

Here is another amazing option for women, Tote laptop bags. They look more like the tote bags that women carry. You will have more than one compartment in the tote bag. There is one large compartment where you usually place the laptop and the smaller compartments are used for storing the accessories that you carry along with the laptops. They are classy and also perfect for any kind of outfit. They are perfect for office use when you have a notebook or small laptop.


So, these were some of the best and most common types of laptops bags available in the present market. They are made using leather and also other kinds of materials. Always make sure that the bag that you are picking is made using strong and durable material. That will make it last for a long time. Always pick a bag based on how you are going to use it. Backpack and Messenger bags are perfect for those who travel a lot. Sleeves are used just for storing the laptop when not in use. Make your choice based on this factor.

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